Grade 1/2

with Mrs Clohesy and Mrs Murdoch

‘Trolls’ Movie Day

We had a roar of excitement coming from 1/2L today when the news of our end of year excursion was announced.  We are going to the movies to see ‘Trolls’ on Thursday 15th December! Permission notes with more details will be sent home on Monday.  This is the one and only end of year activity that requires parent payment.  All notes and cash needs to be given to Mrs Murdoch or Mrs Clohesy. Please do not send money to the office for this excursion.


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We have had a great couple of days at the pool this week.

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Jets Gymnastics

We had a trial day at Jets Gymnastics. Fantastic to see so many of our class show persistence and bravery!

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Grade 2 Sleepover

A lot of fun had by all.  The teachers would like to thank all students for a great evening!

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Grade 2 Sleepover

What an fantastic experience sleeping over at school is!  We are looking forward to pizza, games and a movie on Thursday 17th November.  Permission forms, medical forms and $5 needs to be returned as soon as possible.

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Prep/One BBQ and Games

We are getting excited for the Prep/One BBQ and games night this Thursday.  Please remember to bring your permission form and $5 for dinner by Wednesday at the latest. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Maths Games

A new maths game we have played is ‘Salute.’  All you need is a pack of cards and 3 players.  Have a go at home!


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Maths – Perimeter

We created our own shapes that we could then find the perimeter of using informal units of measure, our feet! We had some great problem solving language happening too.  Why do you think some people have a lower or higher number for the same shape?

img_2125 img_2126 img_2127 img_2128

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We have been practising an old school favourite.  The improvement in this skill for some students in just a few sessions is remarkable.  Well done everyone!

img_2065 img_2132

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Science fun!

Investigating air pressure. All you need is a hairdryer (keep on cold) and a ping pong ball.

img_2050 img_2056 img_2062

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